I’m Nathalia a professional dog walker and trainer based in the Hague.

April 2016, I registered my one (wo)man company and haven’t regretted it. The intention was to provide an understanding and informative service to dog owners in The Hague.
With experience as a former dog owner, I began my company in 2016. Since then, I’ve gained extensive work experience. I’ve attended dog training classes across The Hague and currently working as instructor at PUK Hondenservice. I’m finishing my certification as a dog trainer with the Ethology Institute Cambridge from Roger Abrantes. I stay up to date on training and the study of dogs by attending seminars, classes and workshops regularly.
You can read more about my credentials here.

Shortly after starting my company I found my niche when Polo entered my life. It became clear that there was a need for an understanding and customizable pet care service.

It was late 2016 when I adopted a 6 months old German Shepherd puppy by the name of Polo. A limping, underweight and fearful puppy who was still feared by many despite his big floppy ears. At home he would bark at guest, on the busy streets he would bark at any stranger looking at him. Troubled as Polo was, to the ones he knew and trusted he was the sweetest little puppy to.

I only had my company for 6 months. I was struggling with balancing my work schedule and caring for a young puppy with special needs. Finding someone who understood Polo and had the time to help was, to say the least, challenging. Luckily I was able to manage, although it was not easy. It became clear that I had to offer help for the dogs with special needs.

Since Polo I’ve had a couple of foster dogs, each with their own behavioural “quirks”.

Purgi also belongs in this category…

At the moment I live with Purgi, a former streetdog from Spain.